Can I contact the ARC Committee prior to buying a lot or hiring a builder?

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How long does the review process take?

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What types of variances have been approved in the past?

Are there different covenants and restrictions for the airport lots?
Architectural Review Committee
Architectural Review Committee

Welcome to the River Falls Architectural Review Committee (ARC) page. Please note that the ARC is referred to
as the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) in the River Falls Covenants. It has been called the ARC for years
therefore we will call it the ARC for now, realizing that they are one in the same.

This area will be where you can find information about how we can assist you in designing and building your
dream home in River Falls and meeting the very few covenants and restrictions that help protect the property
values and quality of life here in River Falls.

The ARC is appointed by the River Falls Property Owners Association Board of Directors (Board) and reports
directly to the Board. The purpose of the ARC is to centralize architectural control of the neighborhood to
enhance, ensure, and protect the attractiveness, beauty, and desirability of the area as a whole while at the same
time allowing compatible distinctiveness of individual developments in the area.

Property owners who are considering an exterior alteration to their house or property, should review the River
Falls Covenants, particularly the ARC guidelines. If there are any questions, please contact any ARC member
listed below.

A written application to the ARC is required for every new structure placed upon a lot, for most alterations made
to existing structures, and for the conduct of in-home businesses and professions. The Guidelines were
(1) To assist the resident in planning exterior alterations;
(2) To indicate which types of alterations will be approved most expeditiously;
(3) To ensure that an application will provide the ARC with all necessary information to thoroughly evaluate the
application as quickly as possible;
(4) To encourage residents to assess the impact of proposed alterations on their neighbors.

River Falls requires a ARC approval and inspection for many types of alterations. The ARC shall ensure that all
applications for changes, alterations, additions, or deletions to property in the community are in compliance with
both the Restrictions on Use of Lots, Article 2, contained in the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and  
Restrictions for the neighborhood and these architectural guidelines established for the neighborhood.

Information on preparation and review of applications, appeal of Architectural Review Committee decisions,
completion of projects, obtaining an updated Letter of Compliance, and Covenant Enforcement is provided
Current ARC Committee Members

Tully Curry
Denny Hargrove
Jay Sims
Greg Dodson (administration only)
The process of getting your dream home plans approved can be broken down into a few easy steps:

1.Review this page and the existing covenants and deed restrictions. Discuss these with your builder
and incorporate them into your plan.
2. Determine house placement on lot with these covenants in mind.
3. Submit plans along with house placement detail to the ARC Committee.
Frequently Asked Questions
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River Falls Covenants (Main Area Only)

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